Hi Friend!

Welcome to asuth.com. I built this website so you can get to know me a bit.

I’m in a goofy and exploratory phase of my life. I am indulging my curiosity, saying yes to adventures, and finding projects that bring me joy and keep me up late into the night.

Previously, I founded Quizlet, an educational software company serving millions of students and teachers worldwide. After working on Quizlet from age 15 to age 30, I left the company in 2020.

Inventing Quizlet

Me hugging my French teacher, Johnny Selvin

One day, my French 3 teacher (pictured avec moi) gave me an impossible assignment: learn 111 French animals and their English translations in 48 hours. In my struggle to learn them all, I built a website that would ask me questions repeatedly until I could answer each one correctly. With this new tool, I aced my next quiz. Then I shared it with my friends. They loved it. Quizlet was born.

After high school I went off to MIT. It was an intellectual wonderland. I was surrounded by ambitious and excited peers who had big expectations of themselves, which rubbed off on me. I studied computer science, researched speech recognition, and took classes on education. I continued to work on Quizlet, sacrificing sleep along the way.

In 2011, I left MIT to move to San Francisco and focus on making Quizlet an amazing tool for learning. Over the next 8 years, Quizlet’s team grew to 200 people. We built it into a ubiquitous tool in education, helping tens of millions of students learn in a new way. We built revenue to make it sustainable and raised several rounds of venture capital funding. After working on Quizlet for almost fifteen years, I decided it was time to take a break and think about what I wanted to do next.

The New Andrew

Old-school Under Construction gif


Haha. But seriously. To construct the new me, I’ve been immersing myself in new environments. That’s the fastest way for me to learn. Recently, I’ve taught a course about learning at MIT, driven for Lyft, helped run a San Francisco municipal election, and led crews of teenagers into the wilderness.

My narrow set of interests, if you could call them narrow, are education, housing, and climate. Education, because I love helping kids learn, and kids are funny as hell. Housing, because a lack of housing is the secret rotten core of many of our society’s problems, from wealth inequality to sidewalk poop. And climate, because it is the mega-problem that if we fail to address we’re all gonna burn.

I also love programming and computers. A day spent programming is like a spa day for me: luxurious and restorative. I want computers to help me think thoughts I couldn’t otherwise think, which you could say makes me a “Tools for Thought” person.

Having some extra free time has also meant I could build this website, and I LOVE building websites, so that’s good.